Electric Gate Kits

An automatic electric gate kit contains the basic equipment needed to fit an electric gate automation system, including the motor(s), transmitters and some safety devices included.

In order to choose the ideal electric gate kit for your gate, you first need to know the following information:

  • Dimensions and approximate weight of each gate leaf
  • The sturdiness of the post and the gate leaf
  • What material the gate is made of
  • The space available for opening and closing

Swing Gates

Swing gates open with a rotation inwards, in the same way that a door does and therefore enough internal space is required to move the gates freely.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are usually a single door which runs on a track with a ratchet. They require a long and narrow space for the gate to slide along when the gate opens and closes. This type of gate is the ideal protection for wide entrances, entrances placed uphill or wherever the space inside the property is not sufficient to enable the opening of swing gates

Which Power Supply to Choose?

Motors can be powered by either a 230V or a 24Vdc supply but a 24vdc power supply is recommended for intensive use so tends to be used for gates at either commercial, industrial or multi user properties.

A 24v power supply has the advantage of built in obstacle detection which leads to a safer system and it also has 100% cycle which means it has no limit to the number of work cycles.

Weight of the Gate

There are many available motorizations for residential use: light leaf gates up to 300 kg and heavy ones up to 600 and 1000 kg. The weight of the gate defines the type of gate motor you need. We recommend to choose a kit for a larger gate if you are unsure of the gate.

Why Would You Choose a Surface Mounted Kit?

If the space required for the opening of the leaf gate is reduced by the presence of walls or fences.

Why Would You Choose an Articulated Kit?

An articulated arm allows maximum ease of installation if there are walls or obstacles near the gate's post.

When Would You Choose an Hydraulic Kit?

Hydraulic opener kits are ideal for installations on large swing gates (up to 7m) as they are capable of producing more power than standard mechanical motors.  They also do not have to work at full power when operating large gates. Hydraulic motors are ideal for use in areas with harsh weather conditions and are low maintenance but have a long life expectancy.

Aboveground or Underground Kit?

An underground kit is a totally invisible finish which makes it the most aesthetically pleasing.

Do You Need Anything Else?

Once you have chosen your electric gate kit, you may wish to look at the following products which will give enhanced performance of your electric gate: