DIY Electric Gate Kits That You Can Install Yourself - It's Easy!

DIY Electric Gate Kits that can be easily installed without the need to employ a professional installer.We have a range of DIY Electric Gate Kits which have been developed specifically so that you can install your gate automation yourself without the need to hire an electrician or professional installer. These kits maintain the industrial strength of the comparable motors whilst employing easy to use, low voltage electronics and intelligent programming for easy installation.

These systems are easy to install because only two wires are required for polarity free connection of the main system components using colour coded terminals with quick enable, error-proof connections. No welding is required  and the kits are supplied with adjustable multi-position mounting brackets, making them ideal for DIY fitting.


  • An automatic obstacle detection feature with object sensitivity adjustment
  • Low voltage, 24v connections
  • An auto-diagnostic system which identifies and immediately signals any connection errors or malfunctions
  • Find out more about electric gate safety


  • Mhouse kits feature adjustable, timed automatic closing function, as well as partial opening function and pause time adjustment
  • All kits are easy to installation and the MHouse kits feature programming of up to 150 additional remotes.
  • Mhouse kits only take 10 seconds from closed to fully open (in optimal conditions, with 90° opening)
  • With the Robuskit1 acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted at the beginning and end of each opening and closing manoeuvre.
  • MHouse kits offer optional backup batteries allow up to ten opening and closing maneuvers in the event of a blackout or power outage.
  • All kits include quick motor release for manual operation of gates


  • No welding required
  • Both the control panel and receiver are integrated into a single motor
  • Includes mechanical limit switch
  • Mounting plates included
  • The ECSBus or BlueBus system allows for easy installation of accessories (such as photocells) with just two wires

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